Can We Prevent Mass Shootings By Preventing Suicide?

Imagine a doctor who wanted to treat a broken leg with chemotherapy. Or treat cancer with a cast.

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How One Hospital Skewed The CDC’s Gun Injury Estimate

For years, the estimates of nonfatal gunshot injuries published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have grown increasingly unreliable — in 2017, they were more suspect than ever. But researchers have continued to cite the numbers as authoritative. Last year, a CDC spokesperson defended the data, saying the agency’s experts were “confident that the sampling and estimation methods are appropriate.”

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No, Bringing Back Mental Institutions Won’t Stop Mass Shootings

I have a mental health problem. A couple of them, actually. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the big one. I was diagnosed at 26 and take medication daily for that. I also have some mild depression that comes and goes and is currently settled down on the couch with its shoes off.

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No Terrorist Is A ‘Lone Wolf’

“How do we stop these people?” the president says, referring to immigrants and refugees crossing the southern U.S. border. “Shoot them,” a voice calls from the crowd. And the president chuckles.

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